2009 Ford F-150

Standard on The All-New ’09 F-150, Trailer Sway Control (TSC)* builds on the AdvanceTrac® system with segment-first** Roll Stability Control™ (RSC®)* to help maintain trailer control through selective wheel braking and reduced engine power. The result: noticeable stability and control, which provides greater driver confidence when towing the largest loads. *Remember, even advanced technology cannot overcome the laws of physics. It’s always possible to lose control of a vehicle due to inappropriate driver input for the conditions.

**Class is full-size pickups under 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

Source:  http://www.fordvehicles.com/trucks/f150/

Ford put all it’s major competitors including Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota up against the all-new 2009 F-150.  The results…well lets just say that Toyota is definatley NOT “Changing it All”.

   Northside Ford is located in San Antonio, TX the heart of Ford Truck Country and one of the top 100 Ford Dealers in the United States.  Check back soon for more information on our F-150 launch in early October, we will have the 2009 F-150 at the dealership as well as experts from Ford Motor Company to answer your questions.  There will be interactive displays for many of the new features available such as the Ford Work Solutions in dash computer for those that run their day to day business from the jobsite not the desk and demonstrations of the many new innovations on the best selling truck in the world.


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