From the Inside Out

Head turning design, innovative technology, unparalleled comfort, and some of the most advanced safety features available on a vehicle today.  Sounds like a Toyota, Honda, BMW, or maybe even a Mercedes right?  Well it may sound like a vehicle from one of these manufacturers but it's not. 

Imagine this…you're sitting in a big plush leather recliner, comfy right?  That's what it feels like when you sit behind the wheel in these amazingly comfortable plush leather seats.  How about foot rests for the second row?  That would be comfortable too… yeah it's got those too.  If you travel a lot with the family and you don't like stopping for a cold drink you can simply put few sodas in the built in refrigerator in the second row.  That's right, the second row console has an option to have a refrigerator/freezer inside the console.  You also get a fold-flat 3rd row seat and tons of head and leg room for all three rows.

Lets talk about technology.  One thing's for sure, you have to check out the available navigation system in this ride.  You can use voice commands to find local movie listings, gas prices, sports scores, weather and a whole lot more.  You can pair your Blue-tooth compatible phone to the car and have complete voice control over your phone allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel on your eyes on the road.  You can tell the system to "Call Mike" and it will make the phone call for you.  Getting an incoming text message…some compatible phones will actually read your text message to you.  These are just a couple of the available sweet technology features available.

When you step outside of the plush comfortable interior you will notice the head turning distinct design.  This vehicle stands out from the crowd and says I am breaking the mold for what a vehicle should look like.  For those of you that want to be noticed this is the vehicle for you.  This vehicle commands attention and begs to be driven.  Under the hood is a 3.5 liter V6 with 262 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque…plenty of power to get your heart pumping for more.  Want to learn more about this amazing ride?  Cick below and be prepared because you too will want to Drive One.

Allow me to introduce you to the Ford Flex…just get in and Drive One.


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