Fusion Vs Camry

We are just weeks away from the 2010 Fusion hitting the ground.  Ford is taking aim at the mid-size car segment just like they did 32 years ago with trucks and we all know the results of that…32 years in a row as the number one selling truck in America.  Not only does the Fusion Hybrid out perform Toyota's Camry hybrid but the new 2.5 liter I-4 cylinder gas engine out performs Toyota's four cylinder gas engine as well.  Toyota Camry's 2.4 liter I-4 puts out a modest 158 horse-power with 161 lb-feet of torque.  The new 2.5 liter I-4 in the Fusion puts out an eye popping 175 horse-power with 172 Ib-feet of torque.  One would expect the Toyota to get better gas mileage right?  Well not anymore.  The Fusion gets 23 mpg (city) and 34 mpg (hwy) compared to 21 mpg and 31 mpg for the Toyota.  So let's do a quick recap…Ford has more power and better fuel economy than the Toyota Camry.  With Ford's quality improving faster than any other manufacturer over the last four years it won't be long before a new champion is crowned in the mid-size car segment, and it looks like the blue oval will take home the hardware.  If you haven't driven a Ford lately then do yourself a favor and Drive One.

2010 Ford Fusion


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