Payment Protection

Which Plan is Better?

Ford and GM both announced payment protection plans yesterday.  So which one could help you the most?  Let's compare both side by side by maximum dollar amount (monthly payment amount) and maximum length (months payments can be made).


  • Up to $700 per month (covers just about every ford vehicle)
  • Up to 12 months of payments


  • Up to $500 per month (Not going to cover the more expensive rides without big down payment)
  • Up to 9 months of payments

Both manufactures are trying to ease customer concern during this tough economy.  However, Ford has raised the bar above GM's reach again.  Ford is standing behind it's product and the customers buying its vehicles.  Ford is definitely headed in a new direction and you too can be a part of the Ford family once you get in and Drive One.

Visit and track Ford's progress.


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