F-150 Raptor – Handling

Lets talk about the handling of the new 2010 F-150 Raptor. When you build a high performance off-road truck it's not all about horse power. It's about power, handling and protection for those components.

The chassis on the Raptor has Fox Racing shox that use a patented internal bypass system to provide position-sensitive damping for the Raptors shock absorbers. The Raptor offer an impressive 11.2 inches of suspension travel in the front and 12.1 inches of travel in the rear. Next, add unique SVT lower front control arms with the SVT logo. They are cast aluminum for light weight and help provide the extra track width for improved stability. The Raptor also uses heavy-duty upper control arms, tie-rods, and half-shafts to help ensure durability. The tires on the Raptor are SVT-tuned BF Goodrich 35-inch all-terrain T/A KO tires including a 35-inch spare tire (no donuts here). The internal construction of these tires was modified to help improve lateral firmness and the firm, tall sidewall helps the tire handle rocks and irregular surfaces commonly experienced in an off-road environment. Inside the tire is 17-inch cast aluminum wheel that was designed to absorb the impact of objects the could encounter in some of the most extreme environments.

Next, we will talk about the power under the hood now and what's coming in 2010.



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