Ford Work Solutions: In-Dash Computer

So what's Ford Work Solutions you might ask?  Well, it's a series of unique products, each designed to enhance the owner's productivity.  There are four key technologies around the real world needs of truck owners, contractors and fleet managers – anyone who uses their vehicle as a tool for their business.  I will go over all four of these technologies over the next few days.  Up first, the in-dash computer.

The in-dash computer is a 4 GB system that allows customers to run their business from their truck.


  • Bluetooth capability that supports hands-free, voice activated calling
  • Garmin navigation system that uses Sprint Mobile Broadband Network – Turn-by-turn voice guidance, real-time traffic, weather and fuel prices
  • Integrated applications (word processor, spreadsheet and PDF reader)
  • Wireless keyboard with integrated mouse
  • Built-in USB port to load and back up files
  • High-speed internet access via Sprint Mobile Broadband Network
  • Reliable secure access to files directly from the job site using LogMeln, giving customers the capability of a full PC – just like in their office

My take, with technologies like Ford's Work Solutions, Ford has continued to be the leader in truck sales for the last 32 years and will continue to raise the bar in the truck market.


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