F-150, Top Safety Pick

The Ford F-150 was named a "Top Safety Pick" by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety for its front, side and rear impact test results and the availability of electronic stability control.  For a vehicle to earn this prestigious award the vehicle must get a rating of "good" in all categories and not receive any ratings of "Acceptable, Marginal, or Poor".

Here is our some of our competitors did.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – earned a "Good" rating in frontal test and received a "Poor" for side impact both with and without the optional side airbags.

Dodge Ram 1500 – earned a "Good" rating for frontal impact and a "Marginal" rating for side impact with the standard side airbags.

Nissan Titan – earned a "Good" rating for frontal impact, "Marginal" rating for side impact with the optional side airbags and a "Poor" rating without the side airbags.

Toyota Tundra – earned a "Good" rating for both frontal and side impact collisions but lacks other standard safety features like electronic stability control that kept it from being a "Top Safety Pick".  Additionally, the Tundra only received a 4-Star rating for frontal impact from the NHTSA compared to the F-150's 5-Star rating.

Ok, so what have we learned today?  We've learned that the F-150 is the safest full-size truck available on the market today and while most other manufactures including Toyota, Chevrolet, & Nissan make safety features optional, Ford makes them standard.  It seems to me that Ford cares more about its customers safety than other manufacturers, which is why Ford has more 5-Star safety rated vehicles and "Top Safety Picks" than ANY other manufacturer.  What could be more important than the safety of you and your family when driving in a vehicle?


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