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December 2, 2009


The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid today was named Most Environmentally Progressive Car of the Year by Earth, Wind & Power™ (EWP) at the Los Angeles Auto Show. 

The award is designed to recognize vehicles driven by a power source that helps to reduce global warming, are conducive to promoting a cleaner environment, and support the mission to achieve energy through alternative sources. 

“Ford’s Fusion Hybrid sedan has the styling punch of a powerhouse with authority built into the design,” said Kevin Smith, editorial director of and one of 19 national automotive editors and journalists who selected the winner of the EWP award. “With unsurpassed fuel economy, this car has real ecological know-how. We call it purity on wheels.”

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Ford Hybrids: Racking Up Sales and Mileage

November 24, 2009

Ford Hybrids: Racking Up Sales and Mileage

Leave it to Ford to buck the industry trend. While hybrid sales across the industry are down 14 percent, sales of Ford hybrid cars and SUVs are up 73 percent. Curiously, more than 60 percent of these Ford hybrid customers previously owned an import car. Also curious is the way that taxi companies in New York and San Francisco are using Ford hybrids, racking up 300,000 miles on them before retiring them. Read on for more milestones that Ford hybrids are reaching.

The fuel economy and durability of hybrid versions of Ford Fusion and Escape and also Mercury Milan and Mariner are winning over large numbers of conquest customers, many of whom are previous import owners. Through September, Ford hybrid-vehicle sales are up 73 percent versus the same period in 2008, according to figures from Autodata Inc.

“Hybrid customers increasingly are considering Ford,” said David Finnegan, Ford hybrid marketing manager. ”More than 60 percent of Fusion Hybrid sales have been from non-Ford owners, and more than half of those are customers coming from import brands, mostly from Toyota and Honda.”

Ford’s strong 2009 hybrid sales have been fueled by the introduction of the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids, the most fuel-efficient midsize sedans on the road. Both vehicles deliver an EPA-estimated 41 mpg rating in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, topping the Toyota Camry hybrid by 8 mpg in the city and 2 mpg on the highway.

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Ford Fusion wins 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year award

November 17, 2009

Ford takes home yet another award and this time it’s the Motor TrendCar of the Year” award.  The all-new 2010 Ford Fusion took the honors as being Motor Trend’s 2010 Car of the year.  Here is a post from

For the first time ever, Motor Trend announced the winner of its annual Car of the Year award this afternoon live via webcast. Though the field of 23 contenders was highly competitive this year (follow the jump for a complete list), we guessed immediately that the winner was a Ford as soon as the webcast came online. How’d we know? The fact they were broadcasting the announcement from Ford World Headquarters in Detroit was a not-so-subtle clue. The Fusion, Taurus and Mustang were all in the running, but it was Ford’s redesigned mid-size sedan, the Fusion, that took home the coveted Golden Calipers.

In retrospect, the choice is a solid one and not all that surprising. The Fusion was extensively reworked for the 2010 model year and features a new exterior design, new models and new powertrains. Ford offers a four-cylinder model, two strong V6 options and a full-on parallel hybrid variant, which means buyers should have no trouble finding a Fusion that fits their needs. And indeed they have, as the Fusion has already broken its own yearly sales record – with two months left to go.

Like MT, we’re big fans of the Fusion here at Autoblog, and even have high hopes that one day it could be the domestic car that knocks the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord from atop their perches as the best selling cars in the States. That said, this Ford still has a long way to go. Toyota has sold nearly twice as many Camry models as the Fusion so far this year, and the Accord and Nissan Altima are still flashing their taillights at Ford’s CoTY winner. It’s not just demand, as Ford doesn’t even have the production capacity at the moment to match Camry sales, and it doesn’t help that the Mercury Milan siphons off a few potential Fusion customers, as well.

Nevertheless, this is less about what the Fusion could be in the future than what it is today: the 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year. Congrats to Ford and the Fusion team.

2010 Ford Fusion - Motor Trend Car of the Year

Ford, A Better Idea

September 26, 2009

Ford Motor Company is the only American auto manufacturer that did NOT take any government bailout money or file bankruptcy.  Ford also has the newest product line with the all-new 2010 Taurus, 2010 Fusion & Fusion Hybrid, 2010 Mustang, and several other new vehicle launches to come including the 2011 Ford Fiesta and 2011 Superduty.  CBS News' Sunday Morning has made Ford their cover story for Sunday September 27, 2009.

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2011 Ford Fiesta

KBB.COM Recognizes New Fords

September 7, 2009

Editors from Kelley Blue Book,, have named 10 Great Cars for 10 Different Jobs to celebrate Labor Day.  Four of the available 10 slots on this list are filled by vehicles from Ford.

My take, Ford is making some of the best vehicles available today and continues to get recognition from some of the most trusted consumer sources.  Ford continues to take market share from all of its competitors both foreign and domestic and it won't be long before Ford is outselling Toyota month-in-month-out.

You can see which Ford vehicles made the list here.

The Big Winner

September 1, 2009

Today after Ford, Toyota, Honda, GM, & Chrysler reported sales for August 2009, Ford posted the biggest increase in sales over August 2008.

Toyota and Honda were the only other manufacturers other than Ford to post an increase in sales.  Toyota and Honda both posted modest gains with Toyota reporting a 6.4% increase and Honda posting a 9.9% increase.  GM posted a 20% decline and Chrysler posted a 9.9% decline in sales.  Ford meanwhile posted a 21.4% increase in retail sales and a 17.2% increase including fleet sales.

The Ford Focus set an August sales record of 25,547 vehicles sold, and the Fusion set an all-time record of 21,010 vehicles sold up 132% over last year.  Both the Focus and Fusion were among the top 10 vehicles sold during Cash for Clunkers.

Fusion Hybrids In-Stock

June 1, 2009

We have two 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrids in-stock and ready for delivery.

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1,445.7 Miles on One Tank of Gas

April 30, 2009

2010 Fusion Hybrid Goes 1,445.7 Miles on One Tank of Gas

Ford recently completed the 1,000 mile Fusion Hybrid challenge of driving 1,000 miles on one tank of gas.  The results…Ford smashed its goal driving an astonishing 1,445.7 miles on only one tank of gas.

Lookout Toyota, there's a new player on the field and ready to over the game.

“We Speak Car”

April 2, 2009

The 2010 Fusion is now on the ground and Ford's letting everyone know that "We Speak Car".  The new Fusion really changes the game in the mid-size car segment.  Ford has beaten out every other car manufacturer as the most fuel efficient mid-size sedan in America.  Not only does the Fusion Hybrid get 8 mpg more than the Camry Hybrid, but the gas engine's beat out the competition as well.  We all know what can happen when Ford commits itself to being number one.  Example:  see trucks.  Ford truly is speaking car these days and invites everyone in America to get in and Drive One.

2010 Fusion Featuring SYNC

April 2, 2009

Meet the all-new 2010 Ford Fusion featuring SYNC.