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Ford Announces New Finance Incentives

October 15, 2014

Ford announced some great new finance incentives for new car buyers just in the last few days.  Buyers of several vehicles lines including the 2014 Fusion, 2014 Mustang, 2014 Explorer, 2014 Edge, 2014 Expedition, and more have the opportunity to qualify for 0% APR for up to 72 months.  This program is set to expire on October 31, 2014.  This is not a very common program for Ford to run as they generally cap the 0% offers to 60 months, but right now they’ve elected to extend all the way to 72 months allowing qualified buyers to get that lower payment all while paying no interest.

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2010 FR500CJ Mustang “Cobra Jet”

December 2, 2009

This isn't any old Stang. It's a 2010 FR500CJ – that's CJ for ‘Cobra Jet' – made by Ford Racing and designed to go straight from showroom to dragstrip. Cobra Jets have been launching themselves down quarter-mile strips since the late 60s, and this latest car will have about 425hp and cost around $75,000.

Ford Racing built 50 cars to meet NHRA's minimum car-count standards. Ford delivers the Cobra Jet cars with a glaring 425 horsepower, a rating far under the combination's potential thanks to Ford Racing electronically controlling output so that it fits in the rules. The engine is a GT500 powerplant with a TVS blower, larger throttle body and MAF sensor, and long-tube headers amongst some other minor details. The 425 horse rating is far less than what that engine could produce.



Consumer Reports: Ford Quality Among the Best

October 29, 2009

DEARBORN — Already producing world-class initial quality, Ford now is the only U.S. domestic automaker with world-class reliability, according to Consumer Reports, which released details Tuesday of its 2009 Annual Car Reliability Survey.

The magazine's news release heralded the company’s quality improvement, stating in the headline that "Ford Secures Place Among World's Most Reliable Carmakers." 

According to the Consumer Reports release, "Ford's sustained production of vehicles that are as dependable – or better than – some of the industry's best dispels the notion that only Japanese manufacturers make reliable cars.  Other than the Toyota Prius, the reliability of the 4-cylinder Fusion and Milan ranks higher than that of any other family sedan.  Both of those Ford Motor Company products continue to beat the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, while the upscale Lincoln MKZ tops its rivals, the Acura TL and Lexus ES."

David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports' Automotive Test Center, had additional praise for Ford's trio of mid-size sedans.   

"It's rare for Consumer Reports to see family sedans from domestic carmakers continue to beat the reliability scores of such highly regarded Japanese models as the Camry and Accord," said Champion in the news release.

Overall, about 90 percent of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products were rated average or better reliability in the Consumer Reports survey.   

"The Ford team has a commitment to be world class in quality, and we’ve made consistent strides over the last five years," said Bennie Fowler, group vice president, Ford Global Quality.  "Today is a great day for us and for our customers, to have such a highly regarded third party – Consumer Reports — recognize us for what we already know." 

The Ford Mustang V-6 was among the most reliable vehicles in the "Sporty Cars/Coupes and Convertibles" category.  The new Ford Flex also performed well in the study. 

Consumer Reports says its 2009 reliability survey is based on responses on more than 1.4 million vehicles owned or leased by subscribers to the magazine or its Web site.  The survey was conducted in the spring of 2009 and covers model years 2000 to 2009.

Information obtained from Ford Motor Company.

2010 Mustang In-Stock

April 10, 2009

We have received our first 2010 Mustang.  It's a V6 with the Kona Blue exterior and Dark Charcoal Leather interior, Pony Package, Rear-view Camera, Shaker 500, SYNC, Side-Airbags, and more!! 

This is by far the best looking Mustang inside and out that I have ever seen.  Call or email now to set an appointment for your 2010 Mustang.


Ford Advantage Plan

March 31, 2009

The Ford Advantage Plan lets you buy or lease a high-quality new Ford vehicle with the unparalleled peace of mind of the Ford payment protection program. 

Payment Protection Program – pays the monthly amount due on your new vehicle purchase/lease up to a maximum monthly benefit of $700, for a maximum of 12 benefit payments.

Ford has stepped up to the plate.  Just days after hearing GM's CEO stepped down, Ford stepped up and is offering amercians peace of mind when buying the highest quality Ford product ever built.  This ground breaking program will make up to 12 payments of up to $700 if you lose your job. 

Watch the announcement with Ford's President of the America's Mark Fields.

Still Ford Tough – No Bailout, No Problem

March 28, 2009

CBS interviews Ford's CEO Alan Mulally on "Early Across America.

The New Pony

February 25, 2009

Ford adds a new pony to its stable this spring and this pony truly carries the spirit of its name…Mustang.  When you think of a Mustang you think of a true muscle car that's rich in heritage.  It's owners share memories that are passed down from generation to generation.  The Mustang isn't just a car, it's an automotive and cultural icon.  The new Mustang is fast, fun, affordable, and fuel efficient.  That's right, I said it's fuel efficient.  The new V-6 is about 300 pounds lighter which not only helps improve the fuel economy to an eye popping 26 mpg but it also gives it a leg up on the new Camaro and Challenger in handling. 

To read Ford's latest press release on the 2010 Mustang click here.


The Facts

February 18, 2009


This Snake Bites

February 17, 2009

2010 Ford Shelby GT 500 Packs a More Powerful Punch

Leave it to Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) to raise the bar in the muscle car segment to new levels.  Ford recently unveiled it's 2010 model of the Shelby GT 500 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this past January.  

The new Shelby GT 500 delivers more power than the previous model year ramping up the horsepower to 540, increasing the torque to 510 foot-pounds, downforce increased, and drag reduced.  The new gearbox enhancements, plus a standard 3.55.1 rear axle ratio mean that the 2010 model will deliver even better acceleration all while providing better fuel economy.

Take one look at this beast and you know it means business.  The aggressive new exterior design features new functional details such as the hood extractor to remove heat from the engine and "Gurney Flap" spoiler to tune rear downforce.  The interior is all-new as well and features world-class materials and craftmanship that create the most unique GT 500 Interior yet.

Memo to GM and Chrysler…don't say we didn't warn you.  This snake bites…and packs the most potent power ever from a factory Mustang.


SYNC Updates

February 17, 2009

Ford is making improvements to SYNC that include 911 assist, Traffic, Directions, and Information.  SYNC is powered by technology giant Microsoft and offers users complete hands-free control over blue-tooth compatible phones and mp3 players when plugged in to the USB port.  To learn more or to check for updates visit Ford's official website for all things SYNC