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Ford accepting applications for Fiesta Movement 2

December 4, 2009


Ford finally unveiled the U.S. version of its B-Segment Fiesta yesterday at the LA Auto Show, and thanks to some clever marketing, the Blue Oval's newest small car is already well-known to prospective buyers. Ford's ingenious "Fiesta Movement" marketing initiative, which put 100 Euro-spec subcompacts in the hands of socially advanced "agents," resulted in over six million YouTube views, 740,000 Flickr views and 3.7 million Twitter impressions. All that traffic has apparently resulted in a 60-percent vehicle recognition score in Ford's survey findings – a number that would be good for a vehicle that has already been on the market a few years.

The first Fiesta Movement was created to get the Fiesta in front of the car-buying public while engaging in customer-driven dialog. Connie Fontaine, Ford brand content and alliances manager, says that wave two will focus on "driving unparalleled consideration." In other words, Ford wants customers to be excited to buy a new Fiesta. Given the fact that Ford generated 80,000 "hand-raisers" with Fiesta Movement number one, another group of Fiesta agents probably isn't a bad idea.

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Ford Work Solutions: Crew Chief

September 12, 2009

Yesterday I gave a brief over view of the Ford Work Solutions and went over the features of the in-dash computer.  Today, let me tell you about the Crew Chief feature with Ford Work Solutions.

Crew Chief, offered by Microlise, a leading provider of commercial telematic services, Crew Chief is the answer to fleet management for small to large fleet owners who need to know where their vehicles are at any time, track your vehicles and driver performance, control costs and more.

Crew Chief provides the following.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and diagnostics
  • Critical data displays such as odometer reading, vehicle speed, tire pressure, next required service and much more
  • "Geofencing" capability that sets operational boundaries by vehicle, based upon geography or hours of operation.

Ford Work Solutions: In-Dash Computer

September 11, 2009

So what's Ford Work Solutions you might ask?  Well, it's a series of unique products, each designed to enhance the owner's productivity.  There are four key technologies around the real world needs of truck owners, contractors and fleet managers – anyone who uses their vehicle as a tool for their business.  I will go over all four of these technologies over the next few days.  Up first, the in-dash computer.

The in-dash computer is a 4 GB system that allows customers to run their business from their truck.


  • Bluetooth capability that supports hands-free, voice activated calling
  • Garmin navigation system that uses Sprint Mobile Broadband Network – Turn-by-turn voice guidance, real-time traffic, weather and fuel prices
  • Integrated applications (word processor, spreadsheet and PDF reader)
  • Wireless keyboard with integrated mouse
  • Built-in USB port to load and back up files
  • High-speed internet access via Sprint Mobile Broadband Network
  • Reliable secure access to files directly from the job site using LogMeln, giving customers the capability of a full PC – just like in their office

My take, with technologies like Ford's Work Solutions, Ford has continued to be the leader in truck sales for the last 32 years and will continue to raise the bar in the truck market.

Toyota Trails Ford

June 2, 2009

Toyota reported 152,583 vehicles sold for the month of May.  Ford Motor Company reported sales of 161,531 in May beating Toyota for the second month in a row.  Ford has also gained market share for six out of the last seven months, giving Ford its highest market share since 2006.

Ford is truly different these days.  Ford has more Five-Star safety rated vehicles than any other manufacturer, the most fuel efficient mid-size sedan (2010 Fusion Hybrid) in North America, leader in pioneering new technology (SYNC) and much more. 

I invite you to come by Northside Ford today and Drive the Ford Difference.

Ford Plugs-in to the Future

May 19, 2009

Leaders in green pursuits at Ford and Southern California Edison team up

1,445.7 Miles on One Tank of Gas

April 30, 2009

2010 Fusion Hybrid Goes 1,445.7 Miles on One Tank of Gas

Ford recently completed the 1,000 mile Fusion Hybrid challenge of driving 1,000 miles on one tank of gas.  The results…Ford smashed its goal driving an astonishing 1,445.7 miles on only one tank of gas.

Lookout Toyota, there's a new player on the field and ready to over the game.

2010 Fusion Featuring SYNC

April 2, 2009

Meet the all-new 2010 Ford Fusion featuring SYNC.

Payment Protection

April 1, 2009

Which Plan is Better?

Ford and GM both announced payment protection plans yesterday.  So which one could help you the most?  Let's compare both side by side by maximum dollar amount (monthly payment amount) and maximum length (months payments can be made).


  • Up to $700 per month (covers just about every ford vehicle)
  • Up to 12 months of payments


  • Up to $500 per month (Not going to cover the more expensive rides without big down payment)
  • Up to 9 months of payments

Both manufactures are trying to ease customer concern during this tough economy.  However, Ford has raised the bar above GM's reach again.  Ford is standing behind it's product and the customers buying its vehicles.  Ford is definitely headed in a new direction and you too can be a part of the Ford family once you get in and Drive One.

Visit and track Ford's progress.

Ford Advantage Plan

March 31, 2009

The Ford Advantage Plan lets you buy or lease a high-quality new Ford vehicle with the unparalleled peace of mind of the Ford payment protection program. 

Payment Protection Program – pays the monthly amount due on your new vehicle purchase/lease up to a maximum monthly benefit of $700, for a maximum of 12 benefit payments.

Ford has stepped up to the plate.  Just days after hearing GM's CEO stepped down, Ford stepped up and is offering amercians peace of mind when buying the highest quality Ford product ever built.  This ground breaking program will make up to 12 payments of up to $700 if you lose your job. 

Watch the announcement with Ford's President of the America's Mark Fields.

Still Ford Tough – No Bailout, No Problem

March 28, 2009

CBS interviews Ford's CEO Alan Mulally on "Early Across America.