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Ford Fiesta Going Bold

September 27, 2009

When Ford launches the 2011 Ford Fiesta in North America heads will be turning.  Ford will be offering some bold new colors to go along with the bold styling of the Fiesta including “Bright Magenta” and “Lime Squeeze.”   Ford has noticed  that more and more consumers are choosing bolder and more expressive colors for their vehicles.  The 2010 Ford Mustang in "Grabber Blue" has far exceeded sales expectations accounting for 10% of all Mustangs sold, and  4 out every 10 people purchasing the 2010 F-150 Raptor SVT have chosen "Molten Orange".

Ford has listened to what the consumer wants and they're bringing it to the table.  So don't be surprised in the next few months when these bold colors make their way onto the streets in full force when the 2011 Fiesta goes on sale.

2011 Ford Fiesta - Bright Magenta



Cash for Clunkers Website

July 24, 2009

Northside Ford has launched a website to help answer questions and concerns that consumers might have regarding the Cash for Clunkers program.  Call us now or visit our new site listed below and let us answer any questions you might have about the Cash for Clunker program.

It’s In The Paint

February 20, 2009

Painting Pioneers

In terms of quality and the leading the pack Ford is the industry leader with fewer paint chip, scratches, and better long-term durability according to the GQRS.  The Ford paint team examines competitive vehicles side-by-side against its own products to develop new technologies, pigments, and coatings.  The new Tuxedo Black coating which made its debut on the 2009 model year contains flakes derived from glass rather than metal.  Ford is currently pioneering new technologies such as an environmentally friendly anti-corrosion system that cuts paint shop water use nearly in half and reduces sludge production by 90 percent, as well as a three-part wet application process that reduces C02 emissions by 15 percent.